Thermal Spray Grind

Indiana Precision Grinding is proud to be a part of your finished product. We believe collaboration is key and our success is dependent on the work that happens before and after our stage in the process. What sets us apart is our detailed engineering support that assists you in designing the substrate through the finished grind. Comprehensive communication throughout the process with significant stakeholders reduces the chance for precision quality to be compromised, thus the TS Grind process reduces non-conforming parts. Our trademarked TS Grind Process ensures that each job is done correctly from the start, saving you time and money.


Process Engineering

We partner with the OEM, part manufacturer, coating supplier and internal experts to calculate the best way to prepare the substrate for thermal coating and grinding. We address any special considerations and establish goals for each completed part. It is this unique collaboration that ensures quality and accuracy.



IPG specializes in low-tolerance grinding of thermal coated parts. We have the capacity to handle intricate grinding projects with the highest degree of accuracy and skill.

Superior Technology and Proven Techniques:

We utilize full CNC grinding, including OD and ID cylindrical, surface, spherical and form grinding.

IPG grinds to very close tolerances, including super-finishing of parts with very low surface finish requirements. We also specialize in overspray removal on radii, chamfers and non-coated areas.



The final stage of our TS Grind process includes reviewing each finished project and identifying opportunities for improvement. Just as we started the process, these action steps are brought back to the partnering stakeholders for review.

Cylindrical OD Grinding Shaft

Landing Gear Axel Sleeve

Thermal Spray Grind Case Studies

Landing Gear Component

Landing Gear Component – this part receives coating in multiple outside and inside positions, additionally there is no other surface on the part that can be used to work…

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Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber Part

The part is a thin wall (OD to ID) flanged sleeve previously manufactured from a solid L605 bar. The ID is coated with Triballoy and requires precision grinding to…

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