Landing Gear Component

on February 7, 2014 Case Study, TS Grind with 0 comments

Landing Gear Component – this part receives coating in multiple outside and inside positions, additionally there is no other surface on the part that can be used to work from once the part is coated. The part is a new design axle sleeve manufactured from Titanium with HVOF applied Tungsten Carbide in critical bearing positions […]

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Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber Part

on February 6, 2014 Case Study, TS Grind with 0 comments

The part is a thin wall (OD to ID) flanged sleeve previously manufactured from a solid L605 bar. The ID is coated with Triballoy and requires precision grinding to final dimensions. The OEM, for cost saving purposes (reducing material and machining costs), elects to have the part made from cast L605 in a near net-shape […]

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